Produce Highlights: Kiwi Berries, Organic Lemons, and Asian Pears

Kiwi berries?

What in the world is a kiwi berry?

Well, it has the sweet pop of a kiwi's interior with the size and snack-a-bility of a grape. There's no kiwi "fur," either. Organically grown in Washington State, these are definitely worth trying out.

Just $4.49 a box (4.4 oz)!

Organic lemons are back! 

We're happy to announce that organic lemons are back! Get the real taste and fragrance that lemons ought to have with these pure, natural citrus delights.  

Just $0.99 each!

Asian pears come into season 

Crisper and with more bite than the European variety of pear, the Asian pear's ancestors hail from countries as far afield as Japan, Korea, Nepal, and Taiwan. They are super juicy and keep for several weeks in a cool, dry place.

These IPM pears are from Donovan Farms in Barker, New York.   

Get these now at the low price of $1.99 per lb.

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