Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

The Difference a Thanksgiving Turkey Can Make

Did you know that Americans eat more than 45 million turkeys every Thanksgiving? That is one-sixth of all turkey consumed throughout the whole year.

Most of those turkeys are raised and slaughtered in a factory farm setting. This often means poor conditions during their lives as well as the addition of antibiotics and hormones that are not natural to their survival outside of farms. At Abundance, we strive to offer natural, sustainable alternatives for traditional holiday meals. We believe that the norm for industrial food systems shouldn't keep people from natural, sustainably- and ethically-raised meat choices.

Make a difference

You can help change how Americans purchase turkeys for the holiday by supporting the sustainable, local food system we have right here in the western New York region. It's not only a responsible and ethical choice, it's also a more delicious option!

Extended turkey order

***UPDATED NOV. 1, 2013: Unfortunately, turkey orders are now closed. However, we have a limited number of extra coming that may still be reserved. Please call (585) 454-2667 or come into the store to make a reservation.

Hurry--these will go fast!

Please note that sizes cannot be guaranteed. We will do everything we can to get you the size you are looking for.

Where do the turkeys come from?

We source our turkeys from Oink and Gobble Farm in Interlaken, New York, just north of Ithaca.

They are protected in the fields in a large movable “pen” which is rotated daily over fresh pasture. The pen is several thousand square feet and large enough that the birds have plenty of room to forage in the grass and not be cramped on top of each other. Inside that pen they also have an aluminum frame structure with a tarp fastened over it for shelter. This structure is moved daily along with the pen thus providing the birds with shelter from inclement weather and for warmth if needed. Along with their natural foraging, the turkeys are fed a natural feed that includes non-GMO corn and non-GMO roasted soybeans.