Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

Out With the Old: New Freezer Display Installed

Last week, our main nine-door cold freezer failed. Permanently. But thanks to the amazing efforts of the Central Store Team, panic definitely did not ensue.

Crisis averted

Though thousands of dollars of food were at risk of being lost, the Center Store Team were exemplar in dealing with this near disaster.  While Central Store Manager Kathy Peters and General Manager Jim DeLuca put into place a plan to replace the broken machine, a special sale went into effect through our Facebook page to quickly sell a variety of frozen goods before they thawed.

Donation to Rochester shelter

Along with the last minute sale, $1000 of food was donated to St. Joseph's House of Hospitality on South Avenue in Rochester. Saint Joseph's is a Rochester Catholic Worker community that provides food, clothing, shelter, and spiritually-centered care to its guests. Many individuals and families who have experienced economic or social difficulties, such as homelessness, find refuge with the organization. In fact, a bread we carry--Bread for All--is made by a community share bakery operated by the nonprofit. You can learn more about them on our new Local Abundance wall where they're featured as one of our favorite local vendors.

A more energy efficient refigerator

The retirement of the nearly twenty-year-old freezer proved an excellent opportunity for Abundance to invest in a more energy efficient model. Manufactured by Zero Zone, Inc., a company that is a member of the US Environmental Protection Agency's GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership, the new cooler system is explicitly designed to improve energy efficiency and lessen environmental impact.