Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

bEARTHday 11: We missed you!

Our bEARTHday celebration on April 16th was wet and wonderful fun....lots of great food and great energy to drown out the rainy weather.

Combining the Abundance birthday celebration with the sentiments of Earth Day makes for a thoughtful and interesting day.  Here are some of the highlights!

Jackie, Melissa (Board of Directors Pres.) and her grandaughter enjoy some vegan "bEarthday" cake freshly baked by Deli Manager Jill Hitchcock and her staff.

Marie serves grilled Not Dogs from Northern Soy and mild sausage from Aberdeen Farms.

Shareholder and master gardener Michael showing a petal from one of his plants.  He demonstrated how to created a home made "greenhouse."

The Equal Exchange Solar Express-o van was on hand with free samples of tea and chocolate. The van uses photo-voltaic solar panels on its roof to operate the coffee brewer inside.

Shareholder Jack Spula on hand for bicycle tuneups.

Barbara discusses information on the Fair Farm Bill, We received many, many pages of signatures on the petitions we had available.