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Supporting the Howard Bowers Fund

Celebrate Co-op Month!


Participate in the 13th Annual Howard Bowers Day 



Training and education are critical to the success of consumer cooperatives.

The Howard Bowers Fund supports training and education for food co-op managers, staff, and boards. 




Shop at Abundance on
Howard Bowers Day, October 24.

On that day, Abundance will donate 1% of sales to the Howard Bowers Fund.

All donations will go to training and education for new and about-to-open

food co-ops across the country. 


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In honor of Co-op month and consistent with Cooperative Principle #6—that is "Cooperation among Cooperatives", this month we will be supporting the Howard Bowers Fund for Consumer Cooperatives. The organization was established in 1993 with an endowment of $50,000 from the Hyde Park Cooperative Society to recognize the commitment and achievements of its general manager, Howard Bowers. The Fund's purposes are:

  1. To promote and develop consumer-owned food cooperatives and consumer cooperative education in the United States
  2. To encourage and train people to pursue careers in the management of consumer-owned food cooperatives
  3. To provide education programs for staff, board, and managers of consumer cooperatives.

 The Fund makes grants to food cooperatives and to organizations and events that support the food cooperative sector. Grants are made from contributions and investment income. Money is raised through events at the CCMA conference, the annual Howard Bowers Day in October (Co-op Month), and other contributions from individuals and food cooperatives.

, on Sunday, October 24, Abundance will donate 1% of our gross sales receipts. For more info on Howard Bowers and the Fund please visit the Coop Development Foundation’s website.