Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

New Program Makes Buying the Basics Better


 Abundance is pleased to announce our new “Basics” program. 

The Basics program is consistent with our mission to provide safe, healthful, nutritious food and other products at reasonable prices. In order to offer the most competitive prices, we have selected some of our top selling items and dropped current prices an average of 12%.

The Abundance "Basics" Program allows folks to benefit from lower prices on the items they buy most often.  Examples of these products include bulk brown rice, sugar and spaghetti, and household items such as laundry soap. 

Please note that the there are no additional discounts on Basics items because of the already low margins.

Look for products with the  on the shelf indicating “Basic” products offering these savings.

Abundance is committed to providing our community with the highest quality healthy and organic foods possible. As always, if you have comments or feedback about what we are offering as part of the program, feel free to leave suggestions in our comment box at the front of the store or contact us on-line.