Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

New Look, More Great Deals

Exciting Changes to Our Sales Program Coming This September!

Starting in September you'll notice some changes to our sales flyer, sales signs, coupon books and other materials.

Currently known as the Co-op Advantage Program (CAP) , our monthly sales program is getting a face lift and gaining some weight!

 Co+op is replacing CAP as our National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) brand.

With 100+ other co-ops nationwide, Abundance already benefits from the bulk buying power of NCGA membership, passing the savings on to you.

Now, besides the new logo and fresh new look, you'll see more deals more often.

 Period sales will change over twice monthly, instead of just once at the beginning of the month as it is now. This means two different sales flyers will be available every month (an A and a B period), which will offer a total of 15-20% more products than before.

So we're now running essentially 2 different sale cycles:

  1. A two-week cycle that will always be a Wednesday through a Tuesday and just keep cycling that way (A and B periods).  These sales will have accompanying flyers available in the store and on the website and the signs will have a green line across the bottom as well as a specific date range indicated.
  2. A four-week cycle that will be a combination of the two above cycles and generally will last around a month.  Therefore it will start at the beginning of a month on the same Wednesday as the two-week cycle and end near the end of the month on the Tuesday that the second two-week cycle ends on.  These sales are indicated by a "Co+op Deals" sign that displays a full month at the bottom (eg. November 2010.)

Please stop in a few times a month to see what's on sale. And place special orders early for items that are on a two-week cycle so we can get them into the store in time and you will have time to come pick them up.  Switching to this sale system, however confusing it may seem at times,  has allowed us to offer better deals and more of them each month. 

With quarterly coupon books and twice the number of sales flyers, thatís extra savings for you. "Co+op", stronger together.