Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

BYOB! (Bring Your Own BAG)


Beginning on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, 2010, Abundance will begin charging for each new disposable store bag — 5˘ for plastic and 10˘ for large paper — to encourage the use of reusable bags.

Shoppers will continue to be rewarded by receiving a nickel refund for each reusable take-home bag used.

(Bag refunds are for purchases of enough items to reasonably require a bag. If you are buying a single drink, for example, we would not normally bag it, so you would not receive a bag refund.)

Read more on the Plastic vs. Paper Controversy.

Between April 1and May 31, 2010 we will be selling our reusable bags at substantially reduced prices, way below cost.

 Abundance Tote

  • Regularly $5.99, selling for $4.25 from April 1 through May 31
  • American Made
  • Member / Licensee of the Fair Labor Association
  • Manufactures with the Least Impact on the Environment
  • Certified Organic Cotton

GO CO-OP! Tote

  • Regularly 99˘, selling for 50˘ from April 1 through May 31
  • Made from 100% non-woven polypropylene (also referred to as PP, or plastic #5)
  • Recyclable, non-toxic, allergy free and non-reactive to food or human skin.
  • Uses the resources of 11 plastic bags, but is designed to replace hundreds
  • Verité Certified - manufactured in a Chinese facility partnered with Verité, an independent, non-profit, socially responsible auditing, training, capability building and research organization whose mission is to ensure that people worldwide work under safe, fair and legal working conditions.