Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

New in Produce: Feb. 14-27, 2014

What's New in Produce?

This week we have lots of good news to report in our Fresh Division:

New Assistant Manager in Fresh

Caitlin Holcombe was promoted from Producer Buyer to Assistant Manager of the Fresh Division. Caitlin will continue to source the delicious, local, organic, or sustainable produce on our shelves while also taking on new responsibilities, including interviewing and hiring new staff. Well done, Caitlin! 

New Fresh Look

Next time you are in the store, you'll notice that we now have an even more beautiful display for our dry produce. Thanks to Four Seasons (learn more about them here) for helping us set this up.

New in Fresh

Grower Pete's Organic Butter Lettuce (Organic) - $3.99 each
These are hydroponically grown lettuces and that means they're crisp and delicious, plus they last much longer than cut lettuce heads.

Gold Beets with Leaves (Organic) - $4.99 a bunch
Beets have been very popular this season, which means quality beets have been hard to come by, so we're really happy to offer you these golden delights with their wonderfully nutritious leaves.
Organic Strawberries (Organic) - $7.49 per oz

Fruition Seeds are in!