Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

Why shop at Abundance Cooperative Market?

Top Ten Reasons for Shopping at Abundance Cooperative Market

Rochesterís first and only cooperatively-owned natural products retail grocer.

  1. We grow the local economy. Independent retailers such as Abundance return more than three times as much money to the local economy per dollar of sales than chain competitors.
  2. Our co-op offers multiple benefits to shoppers: healthy, ethically-sourced groceries, delicious fresh deli items, and a friendly, open community space.
  3. We give priority to buying local, organic, sustainable, and/or socially responsible products.  Over 50% of our current local products are organic.
  4. We are truly community-based: anyone can join the more than 1600 owners who live in Rochester or the surrounding area.
  5. We offer everyday low prices on many staple grocery items through our Basics Program.
  6. Our popular Abundance Monthly Shareholder Deals create significant savings for owners.
  7. In partnership with the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA), we are able to price competitively through monthly sales on hundreds of products.
  8. As a co-op, we are based on the values of self-responsibility, democracy, equality, honesty, and social responsibility as expressed in the Rochdale Principles.   
  9. We provide each shopper a unique opportunity to join a community of healthful and socially-conscious consumers through the cooperative ownership model.
  10. All Abundance owners are eligible for an annual owner dividend payout.