Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

Why become an owner?

Benefits of Becoming
an Abundance Co-op Owner

All are welcome at Abundance. You donít have to be an owner to shop, but once youíve discovered the benefits of shopping with us, you might be interested in the benefits of becoming an owner, too.

  • one-time purchase of share for $100, no annual fee or recurring costs
  • choose one day a month to get 10% off your purchase
  • get discounts on special orders
  • take advantage of owner-only deals
  • share in the profits: receive possible dividend pay-outs relative to how much you spend
  • vote for candidates to join the Board of Directors at annual meetings
  • vote on bylaw amendments and other items as proposed by the Board of Directors
  • run to be elected to the Board of Directors
  • volunteer for further discounts on your purchases
  • help build a stronger local economy and community