Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

Great Co-op Gift Ideas for Under $35!

If you're someone who leaves gift shopping to the last minute, you've probably had this thought: "Next year I'm gonna start earlier."

Well, it's next year and the holiday is just a few weeks away. Just in case you haven't been as proactive as you'd hoped, we thought we provide a few ideas–all for under $35–for that Secret Santa at work or the distant-third-cousin-you-have-to-buy-for from your list.

Gourmet Pancake Set

Give someone everything they need to bring a fancy take to the boring old pancake routine. These New York State maple syrups are gourmet, with a sampling of three grades of refinement to give you the full spectrum of maple-delight flavor. For the flour, buckwheat is a wonderful way to add a richer taste and excellent nutrition to the meal in place of traditional white flour pancakes.

What's pictured:
  • Organic Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat Pancake and Waffle Mix ($3.29 now on Co+op Deal until 12/17/13!)
  • Crown Maple Syrup Petite Trio Box, Certified NOFA organic from Dover Plains, NY ($16.99 for set of three petite bottles, 5.1 fl oz total)  

Fair Trade Co-op-made Alpaca Wool Winter Wear

Andes Gifts Fair Trade are handmade from 100% alpaca wool, which makes them super warming for the cold. They are ethically sourced from fair trade sources in South America. Each item is produced by indigenous Aymara and Quechua women who work in cooperatives that are safe and comfortable working environments. These artisans are able to earn substantially more than the national average wage in their countries.

What's pictured:
  • Child Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hat ($14.89)
  • Adult Raccoon Hat ($24.19)
  • Finger Puppets ($2.99 each)
  • Beret Hat with Bow ($22.19)
  • Men's "Glittens" ($24.19)
  • Andes Winter Hat ($22.29)
  • Crocodile scarf ($33.49)

Handmade Porcelain Tea Steeper with Selection
of Fair Trade Loose Teas

If there is a tea-lover on your list, this might be the perfect gift. Our bulk tea section offers a magnificent range of herbal and caffineated teas. The Tea Spot Steeping Mug Steepware is a 3-piece handcrafted porcelain tea mug with an infuser and a lid that doubles as a saucer for when you're done brewing.

What you'll need
  • Tea Spot Steeping Mug - $23.99
  • Fair Trade Rooibos Tea - $1.25 per ounce
  • Fair Trade and Organic Jasmine Tea - $1.98 per ounce
  • Fair Trade and Organic English Breakfast Tea - $1.62 per ounce
  • Fair Trade and Organic Decaffeinated Indian Black Tea - $2.50 per ounce