Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

Try This! and See What Happens

Imagine your usual shopping trip to Abundance. Everything's as usual, but what's that bright QR code doing there? Curiosity inspires you to take out your smart phone (or write down the web address) and soon you find yourself at a bright, colorful interactive playground with games, diversions, entertainments, and colorful, pleasant things to look at.



Try this!

Over the next few months you'll notice in our store QR codes (click here to learn what exactly those are) like the one to the right. By scanning the code or following the link listed on the sign, you'll visit the truly amazing Try This! website. It's a delightful way to test out just how much you really know about local food, sustainable farming, cooking, and co-ops.












What can you win?

Monique Marollo, Project Manager, tried out her luck on the site and she's glad she did: after playing one quiz games ("So you think you're a foodie?") Monique got an email informing her that she had won a prize drawing. A few weeks later in the mail she received a green and orange box with loads of co-op goodies, altogether are worth more than $50!   

So why not try it yourself and see what you discover? Click here now!