Courtesy of Abundance Cooperative Market

Locally-grown Partyka Pumpkin Seeds Now Available

If you like pumpkin seeds, you'll probably be surprised to know that it is difficult to find varieties of the delicious snack that are domestically grown. We're really happy to be able to carry special and extra-tasty pumpkin seeds from Paryka Farms in Kendall, New York--that means they're not only US-grown, but local.

Partyka's pumpkin seeds are not only locally grown, but they come from a unique non-GMO breed of pumpkin developed in New Zealand. The outcome is a unique hull-less seed that has a lot of bite, plus plenty of very-good-for-you oils.

Come on in and try these delicious seeds for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Just $9.99 per lb.

About the Farm

Located just under 40 miles from the co-op, Partyka Farms grows a range of produce, including fruit. They run farm store located at 1420 County Line Road (Route 272). You can learn more about this local family farm here.